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Tooling Products

We use only the highest quality powdered metal and carbides.

We specialize in dovetail forms, shave tools, form reamers, form drills, recess tools, trepan tools, tool bits, carbide or high speed inserts and insert holders. Only the highest quality powdered metal and carbides are used to produce the best in your machine tooling products.

We offer: CPM T-15, CPM REX-76, CPM M-4, Z Wear and the highest quality of Tungsten Carbide

Specialized Tooling Products Form Tool Blanks
Special Tooling Standard Tooling
Dovetail Form Tools
Dovetail Shave Tools
Solid or Braized Carbide Form & Shave Tools
Carbide Inserts & Insert Holders
Tool Bits
Form Reamers
Straight Reamers
Single Point Recess Tools
Power Recess Tools
Step Drills
Trepan Tooling
Circular Forms
Back Chamfer Tools
Pick Off Tools
Custom Gages
Custom Design Form Tool Blanks
Custom Design Reamer Blanks
Form Tool Blanks
Reamer Blanks
Recess Tool Blanks
Screw Machine Drills (all sizes and materials)
End Mills (all sizes and materials)
Center Laps (carbide and high speed)
Keyseat Cutters

In Stock Inventory: We have a HUGE inventory of form tool and reamer blanks in stock to assure you prompt turn around times.

  • Stock most common sizes of form tool, reamer and recess tool blanks
  • Blanks are available for purchase for your own grinding or E.D.M. machining
  • Offer finish ground blanks or rough milled blanks for you to grind

In a bind and need your tooling product quickly?
We offer same day shipping in most instances to get your business operating and your orders completed. We are known for how quickly our company can produce only the highest in quality tooling products in the best turn around times in the industry.

We are your full service screw machine tooling headquarters!

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